GLFWDA Tailgate Report

* Name
* Email
* Trip Date
Club trip
Club Name (If Club Trip)
* Length of Trip (in Days)
* Number of people in your vehicle
* Number of vehilces in your group
Type of Trip
Unplanned Trail Ride
Organized Trail Ride
ORV Park/Area
Organized Event
Trail Cleanup
If this was an organized event, what was the name of the event, or event sponsor?
* Where did you go (please provide state & county, or nearest city)
* How far did you travel?
Is this One-Way or Round Trip Mileage?
Round Trip
Where did you stay?
Private Campground
Rustic/Public Land
Number of nights stayed
Lodging Name (where you stayed)
Approximate amount spend on lodging
Where did you get your food/meals
Grocery/Convenience Store
Brought rom home
Supplied by event
Didn't eat
Number of meals
Approximate amount spent on food
Approximate amount spent on fuel
Other information that might be helpful, like amount spent on souvenirs, repairs, or additional details not included above
Have you or anyone from your group sent a thank you note to the local Chamber of Commerce outlining the amount you spent in their community?
If you answered No to the previous question, would you mind if an anonymous summary of how much you spent was sent to the Chamber of Commerce on behalf of the Great Lakes Four Wheel Drive Association?